Located in Penticton, BC, the BC Hockey Hall of Fame exists to honour the past, celebrate the present, and inspire the future of hockey in the province. With the onset of COVID-19, we were unfortunately forced to cancel our annual summer induction event, but have taken this opportunity to shift our focus toward creating a new exhibit showcasing BC’s rich and diverse hockey history.

In order to create this exhibit, we are scouring the province in search of old artifacts like jerseys, pucks, sticks, equipment, programs, and photos that tell the stories of our great game. If you or someone you know happens to have any of these (or similar) items that could help enhance the exhibit, we would love to hear from you! The themes and sections being considered for the exhibit are: Vancouver Canucks history, BC’s historical hockey leagues, BC women’s hockey, indigenous hockey in BC, BC’s championship teams, and influential people in BC’s hockey history.

In addition, we are also looking to enhance our Honoured Members display cases with memorabilia, so if you have any items that you’d be willing to donate that are related to any of our past inductees (listed below), please consider getting in touch with us!

If you are interested in donating or lending items to the BC Hockey Hall of Fame, please call 778.559.3263 or send an email to executive.director@bchhf.com. Only suitable/relevant items will be accepted, but we welcome all inquiries as there are sure to be some great items around the province that will help enhance our exhibit.