Selection Committee Inductee Voting Protocol

·         Once the nominations are in it will be the Selection Committee Chairman checking the criteria and preparing the voting list. Once the list is prepared it will be forwarded to all selection committee members for the vote to elect.

·         The list will be prepared so that a point system will be used and that person must establish 70% of the vote point total to gain election administered the Committee Chairman

·         Once the voting list has been prepared the chairman may establish a meeting or conference call or e-mail forum to go over the list with the selection committee, to make sure they are knowledgeable on all nominees. Selection committee members are encouraged however to contact the chairman or resource coordinator anytime to gather more information needed for the vote.

·         If a decent representation of the list is not elected the Chairman will go to the Board of Directors to approve a second vote, which the Chairman will administer internally by using the point system and the votes submitted.

·         In the case where a selection committee member elects not to vote on a nominee due to personal conflict, the 70% of the vote will be adjusted to reflect.

·         A nominated person or team will not be considered elected to the Hall until contacted by the Chairman and accept the election. A nominee can decline the election or postpone the election ceremony for one year but attendance is mandatory. If a nominee declines, the chairman must forward the reason to the Selection Committee.

·         The Chairman will release the names of the elected Nominees at a suitable time. At no time until then is the Selection Committee to speak of the voting list or divulge information regarding it. The voting list is not public knowledge.

The Chairman will also be responsible to recruit members of the voting committee as necessary by putting forth suitable names that represent all aspects of the game and its regions in BC with the required approval by the board of directors.

A member may resign from the committee by contacting the chairman after the vote has taken place and prior to the new list being forwarded, to give more time for a replacement to be found.