Public Submissions of Candidates

Criteria & Policy for Submission

Persons making a submission must include the present and past possible data concerning records and merits of the individual with support materials i.e. presentation documents, photographs, newspaper clippings and support letter of reference.

Submissions shall be filed with the Chairman of the Board of Directors not later than May 15, otherwise the submission shall be deferred to the next annual nomination and election proceedings.

Subject to the criteria set forth below, the Chairman of the Board of Directors will submit to the Selection Committee Chairman bona-fide submissions of persons and other submissions received from the Selection Committee.

Only if the bona-fide submission fails to gain the support of the Selection Committee, a form letter of acknowledgement will be mailed to the persons making the submission.

The members of the Selection Committee are the only persons allowed to submit nominee candidates for election into the British Columbia Hockey Hall of Fame.

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